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Community Resources:
Coastal Wellness Foundation (CBWF)

400 Mann St Suite 800 
Corpus Christi, TX   78401 

Company Website

Services Provided for:

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Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation (Formerly CBAF)


Client Services: Funding is provided by DSHS for Ryan White-Title II, State Health Social Services, and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) and through the University of Texas, Health Science Center-San Antonio for Ryan White Title IV services. SAMHSA provides funding for substance abuse case management and treatment. Our case management team is a group of caring and knowledgeable professionals who are trained to offer a comprehensive referral program which includes financial assistance with:

Outreach & Prevention Services: Meredith Grantham, Program Director Funding is provided by DSHS, CDC, and SAMHSA. Outreach/prevention services are designed to integrate HIV and substance abuse services to immediate risk due to substance abuse and unprotected sex. Our outreach/prevention team consists of trained phlebotomists and offers up-to-date testing & counseling in the following services:

*Open Monday thru Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Testing and/or results are not available on Fridays.

Education Services: Iris M. Martinez, Program Director Funding is provided by DSHS. The mission of Project Turnaround (PT) is to provide prevention services to adolescents who are at risk for substance abuse and participate in other risky behaviors. The program promotes active participation to enhance factors that protect and bolster the resilience of vulnerable youth. The program staff is trained in all areas required by the Texas Department of Health Service and as Certified Prevention Specialists.

CBWF serves the following counties:

For more information, please visit www.cbwellness.org or call 1-800-982-9629. CBWF is located at 400 Mann St., Suite 800, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Accredited by CTI since 10/2008

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